In the development of electronics for infrastructure equipment, the focus is to excel in performance. The solutions developed by Catena include innovative patented circuit designs that are based on a solid and fundamental understanding of electronics built up by our design experts over the years. The involvement of different design disciplines during the system and architectural definition ensures that world class performance can be met without sacrificing cost and power dissipation targets.

Catena has developed electronics for infrastructure equipment for many different applications, e.g. wireless reader systems, wireless routers, set-top boxes, cell phone base stations and point to point communication systems. These designs have successfully been implemented in both SiGe and standard CMOS technologies and produced in large volumes.

The exposure that Catena has to a large variety of applications, each with its own unique requirements and challenges, has given Catena a unique possibility for cross fertilization of design techniques and circuit solutions.


WiFi – IEEE802.11abgnac

  • Routers


  • RFID Reader basestations

Optical communication

  • Laser Drivers
  • Transimpedance amplifiers

Cellular infrastructure

  • GSM Transmitters

Other systems

  • High performance VGA
  • DOCSIS amplifiers
  • TV Tuners