IC Development

After the specification phase of a project, when the system requirements have been translated into an optimized IC architecture with agreed target specifications, the implementation phase can begin.

During the implementation phase, the circuit level design and layout of the integrated circuit is developed and verified. Extensive reviews are natural as part of the Catena quality system. For circuit realization we have access to a wide range of technologies from most major foundries.

The semiconductor manufacturer receives GDSII data as well as assembly and test information. Prototype samples are validated in our own fully equipped measurement labs.

Catena has close co-operation and executes research activities at several European Universities and is an active member of industry standardization forums.



  • 0.35, 0.25, 0.18, 0.13 µm
  • 90, 65, 45 and 40 nm
  • 28nm


  • 0.35, 0.25, 0.18, 0.13 µm


  • Altis Semiconductor
  • AMS
  • IBM
  • TowerJazz Semiconductor
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • STM
  • TSMC
  • UMC
  • X-FAB