For Catena quality of our products and services to its customers and consequently to our future existence is of utmost importance. Quality assurance is therefore an essential part of all activities of Catena. Our quality targets aim at punctual and efficient delivery of reliable products that are fully in compliance with or exceed the requirements of our customers.

Catena established a Quality Management System which is implemented throughout the company. The Quality Management System is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and specifically for the automotive industry also with the requirements of ISO/TS16949. It is periodically and systematically reviewed by means of CMMi assessments as well as internal and external audits, directly supervised by our empowered Quality Manager and incorporated into the daily structure of our Management Team. We continuously analyze and adjust our quality objectives to improve our processes, in order to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products in time and budget.

Catena is committed to ensuring its Quality Management System is fully and completely understood by everyone working for Catena, and the processes with their procedures of this Quality Management System are implemented and maintained at all times. Consequently, we expect all our employees to work according to the Quality Management System, contribute to and, whenever possible, improve the level of our quality. By means of this policy, Management is committed to supplying the necessary resources and considers Quality Policy as an integral part of daily business.

Standards & Procedures