Our History

Catena was founded in 1986 in Delft, The Netherlands, by an experienced team with a vision to bring structured Analog and RF IC design methodology to the industry. In various development projects and in design workshops provided to industry leading companies like Ericsson, Philips, Texas Instruments, Catena succeeded in bringing a structured IC design methodology to both its customers and to its own design teams.

In 2000 a group of industry veterans were recruited with a directive to grow the company. In this period, System thinking was brought into the company and a team with Mixed Signal and DSP expertize was created, complementing the traditionally strong RF background of Catena. A first step in the expansion was to found a second design center in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The expansion of Catena continued in 2001 when Catena established its site in Kista, Sweden.

The expansion has continued by adding new strong design engineers and by successfully executing projects for customers located throughout the world. The large degree of repeat orders from its customers offers evidence to the success and multibillion dollar business that Catena has brought to its customers over the years.

Whilst NXP Semiconductors acquired 100% of the Catena shares in 2012, Catena continues to operate as an independent company with a diverse customer base. The standalone structure is preserved by maintaining the legal structure and continued ownership of developed intellectual property rights and proprietary development tools. With this setup, Catena is enabled to serve third party companies as well as NXP on an equal footing, maintaining confidentiality and IP protection between all customers.

In the past years, Catena has been focusing on internal IP projects as a way to reduce time to market and development cost for its customers.